Enhancing the Delivery of Comprehensive Care for People Living with HIV in Canada

While many provinces and territories in Canada have prioritized, and continue to prioritize, health-system reforms including integrated care for people living with complex conditions (i.e., providing access to coordinated, comprehensive and continuous care) across sectors (i.e., home and community care, primary care, specialty care, rehabilitation care, long-term care and public health), care for people living with HIV poses unique challenges (e.g., stigma and discrimination, poverty, food security, homelessness, cognitive impairments and mental health and addictions) that require tailored responses. As such, there is need for provincial and territorial health systems to ensure that their efforts to strengthen care for people living with complex conditions account for the unique challenges and care needs of people living with HIV. In addition, there is a need to complement and coordinate these efforts with enhanced supports provided through social systems, along with approaches to help provincial health and social systems to move incrementally towards optimal care given different starting points across the country.