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Finding and Using Research Evidence to Inform Decision-making in Health Systems and Organizations

Course format: Online course

Participants are granted access to the online course for 30 days. Access to the course will be provided within 5 business days, following confirmation of payment.

Participants will engage with the full range of course material to meet the course objectives, but also to better understand the attitudes supportive of using research evidence in health system decision-making, and to enhance their skills in acquiring, assessing, adapting and applying research evidence. The online course is available in English and in French. Please email after registering if you'd like to be enrolled in the French course. By filling out the registration information, you're agreeing to our terms and conditions.

A 50% refund of the course fee will be provided if you cancel your registration before you access your online account. No refund is provided once you have accessed your online course account.

Price: 530

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