Zain Rizvi

Zain’s primary academic interests are based at the intersection of health policy, human rights and law. As a Forum fellow, he hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the research-to-policy process and the underlying complexities involved in evidence-informed decision making. He has worked as a research assistant on numerous projects related to health systems, international law and global governance. Building off these experiences, Zain currently serves as a research analyst for Incentives for Global Health, a non-governmental organization (NGO) devoted to improving global access to medicines through the Health Impact Fund proposal. He also coordinates the child sponsorship program for True Vision Ghana, a grassroots Ghanaian NGO that works with children affected by HIV/AIDS. Zain is completing his final year of the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program with a global health specialization. He plans to eventually become a lawyer. For his thesis, Zain is undertaking an empirical study that examines the relationship between the legal recognition of the right to health and health system outcomes.

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