Vishwathsen Karthikeyan

Queen Elizabeth Scholars in Strengthening Health Systems (2017)

Vishu is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program and is currently completing additional undergraduate coursework.  His interest in strengthening health systems, with a specific focus on improving healthcare accessibility, stems from his undergraduate courses and clinical research exposure. In order to broaden his understanding of barriers to healthcare access, Vishu will be interning at the Public Health Foundation of Delhi (PHFI), a public private initiative established to improve India’s health systems capability.

As an outgoing Queen Elizabeth Scholar, Vishu will be assisting a field study and literature review examining the social determinants of health among urban marginalized population. He will also be working on developing a training module for community health workers on how to address the health of homeless persons. As part of the module development, he will be collaborating with a partner Non-Government Oorganization of PHFI, the Center of Equity Studies.  Vishu is excited to see how his research will be used to influence policy makers and strengthen health systems.

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  • BHSc Student
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