Steven Lott

Senior Lead, Communications

Steven leads the Forum's communications initiatives, including the dissemination products and information from the Forum and their networks (including the Global Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges, COVID-END, RISE and the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal), social media engagement, website management, media relations, and coordination of public talks. He is an expert in planning and executing successful communications campaigns. His areas of specialization also include issues management, event planning, stakeholder engagement, online communications, and strategic communications.

Steven has worked with a variety of patient advocates, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, academics and other health system stakeholders in Canada, U.S.A., South America, Europe and Africa to promote strategic health policies. Steven has also attended many international health events, including the United Nation’s World Health Assembly in Geneva, United Nations Economic and Social Council special event on philanthropy in New York, World Intellectual Property Organization meeting on intellectual property and public health, WHO/UNICEF/World Bank briefing on the state of the world’s vaccines and immunization, International Alliance of Patient Organizations’ Global Patients Congress in Budapest and U.S. Senate and House hearings on global health.

Contact information

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