Seana Adams

Queen Elizabeth Scholars in Strengthening Health Systems (2017)

Seana is an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University specializing in Global Health. Throughout her undergraduate career, she has been exposed to evidence-informed decision-making and health systems policy through extra-curricular activities and BHSc courses. As a result, she has developed an interest in how research can impact healthcare practice and policy.

As an outgoing Queen Elizabeth Scholar, Seana will be travelling to Malaysia to intern in the Institute for Health Systems Research in the Malaysia Ministry of Health. Seana will be working on several projects that will strengthen the healthcare system in Malaysia. She will be working on the country’s project plan for 2017, which aims to address several of the health care burdens the country faces, such as high obesity rates and maternal morality. By working on these projects, Seana aims to develop a deeper understanding of how health systems research can impact the lives of individuals through the implementation of evidence-informed policy. From gaining experience in knowledge translation, Seana aims to strengthen her holistic understanding of global health and understand the systems that perpetuate global health inequity. 

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