Nujud Al-Jabouri

GSO awardee in Developing Skilled Future Leaders in Strengthening Health and Social Systems (2024)

Nujud is an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. She currently works as an Office Lead at the McMaster Health Forum's Forum Lab, where she collaborates with a dedicated team of research assistants to maintain the COVID-END database. Nujud's scholarly interest is centred around social equity research, reflected in her role as a research assistant for a community-engaged project that strives to enhance the health and well-being of immigrants and refugees in Canada. Additionally, she serves as the co-president of UNICEF McMaster, where she guides her team through various advocacy and fundraising initiatives to support local and global humanitarian efforts.

As an outgoing Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) awardee Nujud will be travelling to South Africa to work at the Pan-African Collective for Evidence (PACE). During her time there, Nujud will contribute to a project that aims to understand the intersection of gender-based violence and artificial intelligence in South Africa. She hopes to learn about South Africa's health and social systems, enhance her cultural competency, and foster meaningful connections. Nujud envisions applying these valuable learnings and her global perspective in her future work in the Canadian healthcare system.

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