Nana Wu

Senior Scientific Lead, Global Evidence Products and Chinese Outreach

Nana Wu has gained extensive experience in a variety of evidence synthesis methods, including systematic reviews, meta-analyses, qualitative evidence synthesis, living/rapid evidence syntheses, and evidence briefs. Her pivotal role within the forum is dedicated to efficiently and effectively collecting, synthesizing, and contextualizing evidence to support the rapid response global program.

Prior to joining the Forum, Nana served as a team lead and completed her postdoctoral research fellowship in the evidence synthesis group (META) at the Montreal Behavioural Medicine Centre and Concordia University. During this period, she led numerous living rapid evidence synthesis projects, providing timely and reliable information to government policymakers, organizational leaders, citizens, and other stakeholders, aiding in informed decision-making and policy development during the pandemic.

Nana holds a PhD in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, coupled with a Master's degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from Shanghai University of Sport. Her research during both her PhD and Master's studies were dedicated to comprehending the impact of health behaviors, such as physical activity and diet, on the development and progression of obesity and type 1 diabetes. Moreover, she is deeply committed to empowering individuals living with type 1 diabetes to lead healthier and longer lives, thereby alleviating the burden of their illness.

Activities and outputs

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