Kartik Sharma

Fellow and Queen Elizabeth Scholars in Strengthening Health and Social Systems (2019)
Kartik is entering his third year of the Arts & Science program as a Fellow with the McMaster Health Forum. Given his background in Arts & Science, Kartik hopes to bring an interdisciplinary perspective to the Fellowship. He will be focusing his role on strengthening social systems and contributing to Forum+ efforts. Through the Fellowship, Kartik hopes to learn how strong health and social systems can complement one another and reduce disparities between populations.

As a Community Advisor at McMaster, Kartik has been supporting students as they transition to university, and he has gained an appreciation for the mental health challenges students face. He has also supported the outreach initiatives of a local environmental organization. Kartik will be spending the summer before the Fellowship with the Forum’s Impact Lab and working with Dr. Michael Wilson on a project related to enhancing equitable access to assistive technologies in Canada.

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