Cristián Mansilla

PhD Student and Editor of COVID-END inventory

Cristián is a PhD student in the Health Policy program at McMaster University, under the supervision of Dr John Lavis. His research interests are methodological challenges to answer the broad variety of health policy questions. Indeed, he is passionate about how research can suitably answer specific questions that are needed for health decision making around the Globe.

Prior to coming to McMaster he dedicated the last four years of his professional career to supporting health policy making processes, using the best available research evidence. Through his work in this field, he contributed to the development and implementation of several policies at the Ministry of Health in Chile. He also founded and leaded the Evidence-Informed Policy Making Unit at the Ministry of Health.

As part of his professional experience, he had also been a consultant on a number of evidence-informed health policymaking, and monitoring and evaluation projects for WHO.

Cristián is an Industrial Engineer and a Master of Engineering Sciences from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where his main research was to create a management model to improve primary health care services.

Cristián is the recipient of a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QES) in Strengthening Health and Social Systems, which will support his PhD research work and program. He intends to use the Forum and the QES as platforms to take his competencies related to evidence-informed policy making to the next level, allowing him to make deeper and stronger contributions to this field.

Other roles

  • PhD Student, McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab
  • Research Assistant, McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab
  • Cristián Recommends

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