Anson Cheung

Queen Elizabeth Scholar (2017)

Anson is an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program specializing in Global Health. Through his work with McMaster student organizations and Médecins Sans Frontières Canada, he has developed an interest in the interplay between academia, government, and Non-Government Organizations during international responses to humanitarian crises.

As an outgoing Queen Elizabeth Scholar, Anson will be travelling to the United Kingdom for an internship at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. During his placement, Anson will be examining the implementation and scaling up of mental health support for Syrian refugees in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. By appraising the health systems of countries neighbouring Syria and working with qualitative data from refugee camps, he seeks to understand how mental health interventions may be tailored to meet the unique demands of individual health systems. In collaborating with actors across a variety of domains, Anson hopes to gain insight into the processes by which government and international organizations develop policy recommendations for conflict-affected regions.

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  • BHSc Student
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