Alexandra Phelps

GSO awardee in Developing Skilled Future Leaders in Strengthening Health and Social Systems (2023)

Alexandra is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) degree and an interdisciplinary minor in Globalization Studies, with a focus on Globalization and Health. Alexandra’s main scholarly interests include health equity and systems for vulnerable citizens, particularly gendered and pregnant people. Alexandra is currently working as a research assistant on a study investigating preferred sources of information, as well as desired topics of information for pregnant and postpartum patients in the Hamilton region. Alexandra also works as a research assistant at the McMaster Health Forum ForumLab where she assists in maintaining the Health Systems Evidence (HSE), Social Systems Evidence (SSE), and COVID-END databases. Furthermore, Alexandra is a member of the synthesis team at the McMaster Health Forum that produces such materials as Rapid Syntheses and Rapid Evidence Briefs which inform policymakers across Canada. In addition to her research activities, Alexandra is involved in multiple extracurricular pursuits including VP Administration for UNICEF McMaster and Academic Lead for the BHSc Class of 2024 council.

As a Global Skills Opportunity (GSO) awardee, Alexandra will be going to the George Institute for Health (GIGH) in India. While in India, Alexandra hopes to develop stronger intercultural communication skills, nurture a competency for problem solving in a global context, and gain a greater understanding of the Indian health system. Alexandra hopes her experience in the GSO program will provide her with a unique perspective as she pursues a future career within the Canadian healthcare system.

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