RISE hosting regional sessions to support Ontario Health Team applications

RISE looks forward to hosting regional sessions in six locations across Ontario for: 1) teams invited to complete an Ontario Health Team (OHT) Full Application Form (by invitation only); 2) individuals interested in supporting OHTs; and 3) teams identified as ‘in development’ and ‘in discovery’ following the ministry’s review of the team’s self-assessment form, as well as individuals interested in learning more about what is required of teams.

Participants can choose to participate in person or via Webex. A Webex recording of the ‘core content,’ as well as a Webex recording of each of the six question-and-answer sessions, will be posted on the RISE website. The sessions will cover the same content in each location, but the three session types will cover information specific to that audience.

Learn more about, or register to attend, one of the sessions for:

The six regional sessions are scheduled as follows:

  1. downtown Toronto (Hospital for Sick Children or Webex), 16 August;
  2. Sudbury (Northern Ontario School of Medicine or Webex), 19 August;
  3. North York (York University, near the intersection of highways 400 & 407, or Webex), 20 August;
  4. London (University of Western Ontario or Webex), 21 August;
  5. Hamilton (McMaster University or Webex), 22 August; and
  6. Ottawa (University of Ottawa or Webex), 28 August.