McMaster Health Forum Fellows progam - call for applications

The McMaster Health Forum is an inter-faculty initiative that strives to be a leading hub for improving health outcomes through collective problem solving. Operating at the regional/provincial level and at national levels, we harness information, convene stakeholders and prepare action-oriented leaders to meet pressing health issues creatively. The Forum acts as an agent of change by empowering stakeholders to set agendas, take well-considered actions and communicate the rationale for actions effectively.

As part of our commitment to prepare action-oriented leaders in addressing pressing health challenges creatively, we offer the McMaster Health Forum Fellows Program, an exceptional opportunity for students to be part of the Forum community. For the 2015-2016 academic year, we will sponsor two undergraduate student fellowships.

About the McMaster Health Forum Fellows Program:

Forum Fellows will have the opportunity to:

  1. be part of a community of Forum staff and faculty who are committed to meeting pressing health challenges creatively;
  2. meet the many health system stakeholders who will be participating in Forum events, which can include (among others) concerned citizens, heads of medical associations, hospital CEOs, deputy ministers of health, and World Health Organization (WHO) directors;
  3. develop a work plan that helps to advance the aims of the Forum and a skill-development plan that will ensure that the fellowship experience supports fellows’ personal development; and
  4. undertake a capstone experience as an intern in an organization charged with meeting pressing health challenges, which could include (among other organizations) the Ontario and federal governments and the World Health Organization (either headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland or one of its regional offices).

Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Friday 6 March 2015. Download the full application for more information about the Forum Fellows program and application details.