Forum's Heather Bullock awarded Trudeau scholarship for research in mental health

Congratulations to Heather Bullock, the McMaster Health Forum's co-lead of evidence-synthesis, who has been awarded the prestigious Fondation Trudeau Foundation doctoral scholarship for her work in identifying the best ways to embed mental health policy into Canada's social system. Bullock is also a PhD student with McMaster Health Forum's Impact Lab under the supervision of Dr. John N. Lavis.

"Mental health presents the greatest disability burden on the planet. People with mental health problems encounter many societal barriers often stemming from stigma and discrimination that can affect their ability to participate as full members of society," said Bullock.

The objective of Heather’s dissertation is to advance the understanding of implementation strategies for addressing complex challenges, such as improving mental health outcomes. She will explore how developed countries structure their implementation efforts as well as the process of policy implementation in Ontario’s mental health and addiction system.

A better understanding of implementation strategies for addressing complex challenges will help policymakers find better ways to implement the strategies and policies they develop. And better implementation means more citizens benefitting from proven programs and services that are needed across populations.

She says this scholarship is a significant gesture towards her research and Canada's mental health strategies.

"This scholarship will enable me to conduct some international field work that would have otherwise been severely reduced, and will allow me to gain a richer understanding of mental health policy supports that I'm studying."

The scholarship also allows Bullock mentorship and engagement opportunities within the Trudeau foundation community. The award is worth $60,000 for each of three years.

She is one of 15 Canadian social sciences and humanities students being recognized for their academic excellence, civic engagement and commitment to reaching beyond academic circles. Bullock is McMaster University's third Trudeau scholar since the scholarships were established in 2003.

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