OHT Impact Fellows- Lunch and Learn Series: Building Evaluation Capacity in Ontario Health Teams

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>> Download a PDF of an infographic on evaluation capacity building in OHTs

The purpose of this webinar is to share ideas and learnings for building evaluation capacity in Ontario Health Teams. Drawing on experiences from three OHTs, the webinar will identify principles and strategies for building capacity to evaluate collaborative OHT initiatives. This webinar will be of interest to OHT leaders, Quality Improvement and Performance evaluation specialists, clinical managers, embedded researchers, and health system planners. Participants: Mulugeta Chala, London Middlesex OHT Fellow Reham Abdelhallim, Population Health Management & Evaluation Lead, Burlington OHT (former Burlington OHT Fellow) Matthew Meyer, Senior Director, Office of Population Health Management, LHSC, Population Health Lead, Middlesex London OHT Rob Barnett, PhD(c) CHE Director of Capacity, Access & Flow - Ontario Health North East/North West (former Muskoka OHT fellow)


  • BB#8: Learning & improvement

Target audience

  • Broader health system partners
  • Cohort 1
  • Cohort 2
  • Cohort 3
  • Cohort 4
  • In-development teams

Target OHT role/function

  • cQIP leads
  • Executive/ administrative leads
  • Implementation leads
  • Patient and family engagement leads
  • Performance management and accountability leads
  • Priority population working-group leads