Global Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges: Where are we now and how can we go farther, faster together?

>> Watch a recording of the webinar hosted by the Sax Institute

Researchers, academics and policy professionals from the Sax Institute’s Member organisations logged in to hear Professor Lavis talk about the Commission’s most recent work. Key to improving the use of evidence in policy challenges, he said, is the role of a “general contractor”, or someone who can clarify questions emerging from decision-making processes; source forms of existing evidence; place this evidence in the relevant policy or other framework; and deliver evidence products and processes to tight deadlines.

General contractors should also be able to draw on “living evidence syntheses” – or frameworks for building and maintaining up-to-date and rigorous syntheses of knowledge within a specific research or policy area. These living evidence syntheses are continuously updated as policy contexts, issues and evidence evolve.

Professor Lavis noted that many parts of governments are probably doing a lot of this already – but that we are now in a position to do it faster, better, more systematically and more transparently.

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