Collective impact a framework for community change

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Collective Impact is a disciplined, cross-sector approach that has been proven to generate high-impact results on a range of complex issues at a large scale. This webinar reviewed the three pre-conditions and five conditions of the Collective Impact Framework, as well as the mindset shifts necessary to effectively implement Collective Impact initiatives. The key components of OHTs will be mapped against the Collective Impact Framework so participants can see how the phases of a Collective Impact initiative specifically align with the creation of OHTs.

Sponsor: Community Health Ontario, in partnership with Tamarack Institute


  • BB#8: Learning & improvement

Target audience

  • Cohort 1
  • Cohort 2
  • Cohort 3
  • In-development teams

Target OHT role/function

  • Executive/ administrative leads
  • Implementation leads
  • Performance management and accountability leads