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Qi Wang

PhD Student and Research Assistant

Qi is a PhD Student in the Health Policy PhD program at McMaster University, working under the supervision of Dr. John Lavis. Her research interests focus on the development, adaptation and implementation of health-systems guidance.

Qi recently completed a medical degree at Lanzhou University and a master’s degree from the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Centre of the same university. As part of her graduate studies, she focused on the development, appraisal and reporting of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs), the development of evidence-based health policy briefs, and the coordination of the translation of the interactive version of the book ‘Testing Treatments’ into Chinese. She has been involved in the development of several CPGs in cooperation with the Chinese Medical Association, the International Practice Guidelines Registry Platform, and Reporting Items for Practice Guidelines in Healthcare (RIGHT) initiative. While at Lanzhou University, she won a China Medical Board (CMB) grant of US$20,000 to test the effectiveness of online audio-visual resources on key EBM concepts for medical students in China. Qi has also worked as an intern at the Ministry of Health in China for six months, focusing on health management and health policy development.

Qi developed a strong, and ongoing, interest in knowledge translation during her undergraduate studies at the School of Medicine at Lanzhou University. At that time, she became involved with the Chinese translation of Health Systems Evidence in cooperation with McMaster Health Forum. She has continued to provide translation support and is also working to support its widespread use in China.

Other roles

  • PhD Student, McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab
  • Research Assistant, McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab

Contact information

McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab
1280 Main St West, CRL-209
Hamilton, ON Canada L8S 4K1