Xuping Song

Visiting leader

Xuping Song is an assistant professor in the Evidence-Based Social Sciences Research Centre at Lanzhou University in China. She is also a member of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Guideline Implementation and Knowledge Translation, the GRADE Center and Affiliate of the Cochrane China Network at Lanzhou University. Her research interests focus on: 1) methods innovation on evidence-informed policy-making; 2) supporting and strengthening evidence-informed policy-making on climate change; 3) knowledge translation of health system guidelines and clinical practice guidelines in China. She has led and participated projects on evidence-based social sciences and health effects of climate change. She has published articles in international and regional peer-reviewed journals.

She will spend 12 months at McMaster Health Forum in the fields of evidence-informed policy-making and rapid evidence-support system assessment in Canada and China. During this time, she works under the supervision of Prof. John N. Lavis.

She holds a Master’s degree (Social medicine and health management) from the school of public health, and a PhD (Meteorology) from the college of atmospheric science at Lanzhou University.

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