Luka Campbell

Queen Elizabeth Scholars in Strengthening Health Systems (2018)

Originally from Geelong, Victoria, Luka now lives in Sydney, NSW and is currently completing a Master of Public Health at the University of Sydney. Luka’s interests include public health, disease prevention (particularly in the occupational setting), health equity, and health economics. Under the supervision of Professor Tim Driscoll, Luka recently completed a special project in public health, which involved a systematic review into the carcinogenicity of per-and poly- fluoroalkyl substances, which is an emerging contaminant. Prior to this, Luka completed an Honours project at Deakin University, in collaboration with the Barwon Infant Study. His thesis examined associations between maternal psychological stress and early life health outcomes, and was awarded First Class Honours.

Luka currently works with Fire & Rescue NSW, and is responsible for measuring, analysing and reporting the health and safety of firefighters and employees. Luka also leads and collaborates on a number of projects which aim to promote health, safety and wellbeing of firefighters, employees, and the broader community.

As a strong advocate for health innovation, Luka is interested in the nexus between occupational health and public health, and the idea that health systems operate, and must intersect, at the micro- meso- and macro- levels. As an incoming Queen Elizabeth Scholar, Luka will use his health systems knowledge and research skills to collaboratively and transparently formulate solutions to complex health systems problems locally and abroad.

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