COVID-END inventory of evidence syntheses

COVID-END has recently launched the beta version of the fully searchable COVID-END inventory of evidence syntheses. The inventory has long been the most reliable source of quality-appraised evidence syntheses to inform COVID-19 decisions, including those deemed ‘best’ for any given decision. Now it has the same ‘bells and whistles’ as Health Systems Evidence and Social Systems Evidence, as well as additional enhancements that we’ll soon be carrying over to HSE and SSE. The COVID-END inventory can support government policymakers, organizational leaders, professionals, citizens and researchers who want to access the best available research evidence in a timely manner through a number of features, including:

  • a powerful search engine and sort function to ensure the best and most relevant results are quickly identified
  • an intuitive user interface that streamlines the process of conducting advanced searches through the application of filters for public-health measures, clinical management of COVID-19 and pandemic-related health issues, health-system arrangements, economic and social responses, or any combination of these
  • a guided search tool for users who want additional assistance in applying filters
  • independently assigned quality ratings for each included evidence synthesis
  • hyperlinks to scientific abstracts and full-text reports (when freely available)
  • responsive design, which automatically gives users access to the site in a format optimized for use on their device of choice (for example, mobile, tablet or desktop)
  • declarative titles for syntheses that are deemed ‘best’ (the most up-to-date, highest quality and transparently presented evidence syntheses)

Visit the COVID-END inventory of evidence syntheses to explore further.