Partners in health – McMaster and University of Antioquia

The McMaster Health Forum is pleased to announce a formal collaboration between McMaster University’s Faculty of Health Sciences and the University of Antioquia’s School of Medicine. The Forum will play an important role in facilitating this partnership, the objective of which is to promote academic collaboration in research, education and service. 

“This is a great opportunity for us to continue building our international networks and promoting evidence-informed health systems,” said John Lavis, Director of the McMaster Health Forum.

Collaboration may take many forms:

  • developing research proposals and projects and exchanging relevant scientific information;
  • exploring the development of university-based educational programs and community-based training programs; and
  • facilitating the exchange of faculty members, research staff, and students and exploring the establishment of joint PhD supervision and international research internships.

“We are excited to formalize our collaboration with McMaster University,” said Daniel Patiño Lugo, Director of the Medical Research Institute, University of Antioquia. “McMaster university has been key in the development of our school of medicine in two areas: problem-based learning and evidence-based medicine”

This collaboration builds on the existing relationship between John Lavis and Daniel Patiño Lugo, who obtained his Ph.D. in Health Policy at McMaster under John’s supervision and previously worked for the Forum. This collaboration was made possible thanks to Lavis and Patino, as well as the efforts of McMaster’s Ni Jadon.