HSE background

The Forum created and continues to maintain Health Systems Evidence, which is the world's most comprehensive, free access point for evidence to support policy makers, stakeholders and researchers interested in how to strengthen or reform health systems or in how to get cost-effective programs, services and products to those who need them. Health Systems Evidence has been recognized by the World Health Organization as the best source of research evidence about health systems. Over 13,900 registered users currently make use of its customized evidence service.

Available in Chinese, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, Health Systems Evidence is a powerful tool for policymakers, stakeholders and researchers around the world. We are grateful to the CHEvidence group at Lanzhou for providing the Chinese translation and for occasional support from others.

Visit Health Systems Evidence, learn more about its key features and functions, browse the list of documents added in the past month, or email hse@mcmaster.ca for more information.