Virtual nano course on enabling learning health systems

The Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit and McMaster Health Forum, in partnership with Trillium Health Partners, are offering a 90-minute nano course that reflects a wholesale update to our content and approach to supporting learning health systems (LHS). The course is designed for interested individuals from the following groups – all of whom need to be engaged as part of building a LHS in Ontario: government policymakers, system and organizational leaders, professional leaders, citizen leaders and researchers interested in providing patient-partnered evidence support to a rapid-learning health system.

The course will focus on the following objectives, and the content will reflect insights that emerged through interactions with participants during our first three offerings of the nano course in 2023:  

  1. demystifying the idea of a LHS from the perspective of government policymakers, system and organizational leaders, professional leaders and citizen leaders
  2. moving beyond data analytics being the single driver of learning and improvement to capitalize on recent innovations that can bring multiple forms of evidence and business intelligence to bear in ultra-short timelines
  3. moving from researcher-led efforts to a 'three-legged stool' supported by a system or professional leader, a citizen or patient partner and a researcher
  4. moving from pilot projects to making this the 'new normal' in health systems.

    The sessions will be hosted by Forum director John Lavis and feature citizen leader Maureen Smith and research leader Rob Reid.

Registration is now open for our 21 February, 9 May, July (date TBC) and 10 October offerings of the nano course in 2024, as well as one on 30 January, 2025.