Anna Dion

Technical focal point, RISE (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
Anna is currently finishing her doctoral degree in Family Medicine and Primary Care at McGill University, supported by a Trudeau scholarship, a CIHR-funded Health Systems Impact Fellowship and CIETcanada. Her doctoral research focuses on broadening what counts as evidence and expertise in the context of perinatal care of marginalized women in Canada. 
Prior to starting her doctoral studies, Anna worked for over six years leading and supporting community-based research in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa with Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC). She has expertise strengthening health equity, health governance, citizen engagement, and maternal and child health. Anna also received a Fellowship as a Young Champion of Maternal Health from Ashoka and EnGender Health in 2011. Translating her own experience as a birth companion providing support to vulnerable women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period in the Ottawa area, Anna led the development of a peer-to-peer support program for marginalized pregnant women as an integrated community-based complement to primary care in rural Argentina. 
Anna holds a degree in engineering with a minor in peace studies from McMaster University, a MASc in Biomedical Engineering from Dalhousie University, and a Master’s of Public Health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
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Contact information

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
501 Smyth Rd., Box 711
Ottawa, ON  K1H 8L6