Explore our redesigned website

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website! The new design includes a responsive layout, integrated sharing options, and changes to the site navigation that allow users to easily access our content. Through our primary gateways, we can help you to:

  • learn how to make decisions based on the best available research evidence;
  • find evidence through our own products and the best available sources of pre-appraised, synthesized research evidence;
  • spark action through stakeholder dialogues, citizen panels and more;
  • embed supports for evidence-informed decision-making, by institutionalizing promising and proven approaches; and
  • evaluate innovations in supporting evidence-informed decision-making.

We work with a diverse array of individuals and organizations that share our interest in collaboratively addressing the pressing health-system issues of our time. Social-system leaders seeking similar types of support can now access our services through Forum+.

Update your bookmark to our new, shorter URL www.mcmasterforum.org, and explore the site to learn more about our full array of services.

Let’s collaborate!

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