Citizen and stakeholder insights on modernizing oversight of the health workforce and on taking a step towards achieving worry-free surgery in Ontario

The Forum has recently completed two stakeholder dialogues on priority health issues in Ontario: modernizing oversight of the health workforce and achieving worry-free surgery. Both dialogues were informed by insights from previously convened citizen panels.

Ontario's health system has evolved substantially in the past two decades, however, the way in which the health workforce is overseen has not kept pace with these changes. Building on the themes that emerged from deliberations during a 2016 dialogue about planning for the future health workforce, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care asked the McMaster Health Forum to examine how to modernize the oversight of the health workforce. To learn more, consult the complete set of products from our recent citizen panels and stakeholder dialogue on this topic.

Surgery-related complications have serious consequences for patients, their caregivers, health professionals, and the health system. Despite improvements in peri-operative care, rates of surgery-related complications remain high. There is room for improvement in how we assess and manage risk before, during and after surgeries. For evidence and insights from our citizen panel and stakeholder dialogue, consult the complete set of products.