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RISE will build and engage a community of practice among those contributing their expertise to RISE's support to OHTs and over time move into a facilitation role as RISE community members increasingly steer the community of practice.

Once prospective members of the RISE community of practice have reviewed the member charter and completed a brief online survey about their areas of expertise, they will be invited to join the community of practice and to use an online platform (set up by and moderated by RISE) to engage with other RISE community members. To become a member of the RISE community of practice (and to access the member charter and survey), go to the ‘RISE community’ webpage.

OHT partners and staff are welcome to join the RISE community of practice as well as the OHT community of practice, recognizing that the focus with the RISE community will be sharing insights about providing support to OHTs, not about doing the core work of OHTs (i.e., designing the eight OHT building blocks and harnessing these building blocks to achieve specific targets related to the care experiences and health outcomes for their year 1 priority populations).

To learn more about communities of practice, read the lessons learned from a rapid synthesis about communities of practice, which RISE will build upon in supporting the community of practice for those contributing their expertise to RISE's support to OHTs.

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