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RISE will work closely with health-system policymakers (e.g., ministry staff) and stakeholders (e.g., members of the Ontario Health Team (OHT) and RISE communities of practice) to regularly adjust its support mechanisms and re-prioritize the content featured in this support.

Ministry staff and other partners contributing to the ministry’s OHT Central Program of Supports will provide regular input through the coordination committee of key delivery partners. Teams on an OHT readiness path will be actively involved in steering RISE through the OHT community of practice and regular interactions with the RISE team, among other mechanisms. Those contributing their expertise to RISE's support to OHTs (many of whom are health-system leaders in their own right) will be involved through the RISE community of practice and through regular interactions with the RISE team.

RISE will post an ‘organization chart’ once it is approved by the coordination committee.