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Prospective and current members of the RISE community of practice are encouraged to access RISE briefs about:

  1. the eight OHT building blocks and 58 domains that comprise the building blocks and where OHTs will need to make strategic choices (a RISE resource that builds on the ministry’s OHT guidance document and OHT self-assessment)
  2. lessons learned from a rapid synthesis, evidence brief and stakeholder dialogue about rapid-learning health systems, including how to support the type of rapid learning and improvement that OHTs will be expected to support
  3. lessons learned from a rapid synthesis about communities of practice, which RISE will build upon in support a community of practice for OHTs and for those contributing their expertise to RISE's support to OHTs 
  4. any of the building blocks in which they have a particular interest, which can be accessed through the ‘Access resources’ webpage.

View the full list of OHT building blocks and their domains, and access associated resources
View list and access resources