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RISE welcomes the active participation of individuals who bring different types of expertise to the RISE community of practice supporting Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). Community members may include:

  1. researchers who bring research knowledge
  2. patient partners, family members and caregivers who bring lived experience
  3. health-system partners who bring experiential and tacit knowledge
  4. health-system partners who bring contextual knowledge (e.g., north)
  5. health-system partners who bring delivery-mechanism capacity (e.g., coaching infrastructure for teams or communication infrastructure for physicians)
  6. ministry staff from relevant branches who bring many complementary perspectives.

When an individual works in an organization that has a clear focal point through whom many types of expertise can be accessed, we encourage this person to complete the survey.

RISE is committed to ensuring that members of the RISE community of practice have equitable opportunities to contribute to this support, regardless of what region or sector you work in. We warmly welcome individuals from across Ontario and from sectors like home and community care, primary care, rehabilitation care, long-term care, and public health.

Prospective members of the RISE community of practice should review the charter for the RISE community and then complete a brief online survey about their areas of expertise. They will then be invited to join the RISE community of practice and to use an online platform (set up by and moderated by RISE) to engage with other RISE community members.