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RISE will build and engage an OHT community of practice, with an initial focus on learning needs that emerge as teams proceed to full application (although many of these needs will be shared among teams at an earlier step on the OHT readiness path). Over time RISE will likely move into more of facilitation role as OHTs increasingly steer the community of practice. Teams invited to proceed to full application will be invited to join the community of practice and to use an online platform (set up by and moderated by RISE) to engage with other teams. Teams can access the online platform here and then bookmark the link. Upon first logging into the site, team members will be asked to answer a few questions through a link to a brief online survey. Team members can participate in both general discussions and in discussions about specific OHT building blocks. Teams can also choose to participate in dedicated French-language discussions.

To learn more about communities of practice, read the lessons learned from a rapid synthesis about communities of practice, which RISE will build upon in supporting the community of practice for teams on the OHT readiness path.

The Ontario Medical Association has created a map to show the geographic distribution of teams completing a full application.

View the full list of OHT building blocks and their domains, and access associated resources
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