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RISE has launched a series of OHT learning and improvement collaboratives for approved cohort 1 OHTs to share resources and lessons learned, participate in discussions, and collectively solve problems related to the implementation of the OHT model. RISE has partnered with the Quorum team at Ontario Health (Quality) to develop the collaboratives’ online forum.

RISE is supporting three collaboratives focused on using a population-health management approach to ‘move the needle’ on quadruple-aim metrics for three priority populations:

  • older adults and/or people with with chronic conditions;
  • people with mental health and addictions issues; and
  • people who could benefit from a palliative approach to care.

RISE and/or other health system partners are supporting three additional collaboratives that related directly to three of the eight OHT building blocks:

  • patient, family and caregiver engagement (i.e., building block #3);
  • digital health (i.e., building block #5); and
  • performance improvement and evaluation (i.e., building block #8).

A general discussion space has also been opened relating to the eight building blocks in general.

The collaboratives can be accessed using this link.

RISE is exploring additional OHT collaboratives for approved cohort 1 OHTs related another year 1 priority populations (i.e., those with or at risk for COVID-19) and for those working in particular sectors (e.g., primary). If you would like to recommend additional collaboratives, please email us

To learn more about communities of practice, which share some key attributes with collaboratives, read the lessons learned from a rapid synthesis about communities of practice.

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