Provide funding

The commissioners and secretariat gratefully acknowledge the following funders: 

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research through a grant to the McMaster Health Forum on behalf of the COVID-19 Evidence Network to support Decision-making (COVID-END) 
  • American Institutes for Research
  • Healthcare Excellence Canada
  • Michael Smith Health Research BC. 

Organizations may join this effort to take the work of the Evidence Commission farther, faster. With your partnership, our independent panel of commissioners will produce a report with recommendations (to be released in mid-to-late January 2022) and pursue a variety of pathways to influence (throughout 2022) to strengthen the use of evidence by decision-makers in addressing societal challenges, both in routine times and in future global crises.

Partner benefits

Note, we will work up other benefits based on our partnership discussion with your organization.

  • Connect with partners committed to relying on the world’s best evidence to inform decisions that affect everyone (how your organization connects is up to you, e.g., join a virtual meeting or stay up-to-date through our newsletter and one-to-one correspondence with our secretariat)
  • Acknowledge your organization's support in the Evidence Commission report (there’s an section for that—Section 8.4: Funders)
  • Share an embargoed copy of the final report (early January 2022; with final version to be distributed in seven languages, in mid-to-late January 2022)
  • Co-launch a regional/country/stakeholder launch event: Work with your organization to customize and contextualize the Evidence Commission report outreach for your country/region and stakeholders 
  • Collaborate to define key ‘pathways of influence’ (be they events or other dissemination channels) that will strengthen the uptake of the Evidence Commission’s recommendations in practice and policy. This includes working with your organization to champion the recommendations, where appropriate.