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Working groups


COVID-END has convened working groups to achieve and document quick-wins, and to establish processes to achieve and document longer-term wins, in seven areas:

  1. scoping what COVID-END should do next to maximize its impact on the pandemic evidence response
  2. prioritizing topics for which living syntheses (and guidelines) are most needed and who can maintain them
  3. profiling and supporting the use of best-in-class repositories of evidence syntheses and guidelines
  4. engaging those who contextualizing evidence for decision-makers as well as citizens
  5. recommending evidence-based approaches in ways that are more coordinated and efficient and that balance quality and timeliness
  6. sustaining institutions and processes, including the adjustments that have been made in responding to the pandemic
  7. advocating for what needs to be done differently to better prepare us for future societal challenges

COVID-END has three additional working groups ‘on stand-by’ that, after a series of important achievements and now much-needed rest, can take on exciting new opportunities to make a difference.

  1. digitizing as many aspects of the work as possible to facilitate coordination and capture efficiencies
  2. synthesizing the evidence that already exists in ways that are more coordinated and efficient and that balance quality and timeliness
  3. packaging evidence and guidelines in ways that meet the needs of citizens, providers, policymakers and researchers in different contexts and languages
If you would like to better understand what COVID-END is doing to help those already supporting decision-making to find and use the best evidence that is already out there (i.e., to support the evidence-demand side) and to help reduce duplication in and better coordinate the evidence syntheses, technology assessment and guidelines being produced (i.e., to support the evidence supply side), check out our working group webpages. You’ll find their terms of reference, co-chairs and members, and all of their meeting materials. Soon you’ll also find a listing of their achievements to date. 
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