This working group informs processes to prepare us for future societal challenges.

Terms of reference

  1. Review drafts of a proposal for a commission that will review the COVID-19 response and identify and prioritize who needs to do what differently in future to support
    1. evidence syntheses that are fit-for-purpose for COVID-19 and for future societal challenges
    2. policy, practice and personal decision-making about COVID-19 and future societal challenges based on the best available synthesized evidence and guidelines (e.g., media/editors for the public, guideline developers and implementers for providers, evidence units in government for policymakers, and research funders for researchers)
  2. Facilitate input on, and discussion of, the commission’s papers and findings by:
    1. integrating these papers and findings into the programme for a Cochrane-convened event on COVID-19 in October 2021
    2. organizing a World Health Assembly side event in May 2022, jointly with WHO, member states, and selected commissioners
    3. identifying and using opportunities to advocate for key issues informing the discussions of the commission, as well as for key messages resulting from the commission
  3. Share organizational advocacy plans and activities among working-group members to:
    1. identify areas of common interest in which advocacy efforts could reinforce each other
    2. align, where possible, the messaging.


  1. Sylvia de Haan, Cochrane Collaboration, Netherlands (chair)
  2. Jenny Camaradou, Citizen partner, UK
  3. Jo Anthony, Cochrane KT, UK
  4. Lesley Stewart, Centre for Research and Dissemination, PROSPERO, University of York, UK
  5. New members being recruited
  6. Secretariat: Jeremy Grimshaw, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and Ileana Ciurea, McMaster Health Forum, Canada

Meeting documents

Meeting date Documents 
March 24, 2021
  1. Agenda
  2. Notes and action items 
March 3, 2021
  1. Agenda
  2. Notes