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Improving Access to Care and Outcomes for Heart Failure in Ontario

There is growing pressure to rapidly identify and scale up models of heart-failure care that will achieve the ‘triple aim’ of improving the patient experience and population health while keeping the amount spent per person manageable. The Comparison of Outcomes and Access to Care for Heart Failure (COACH) trial, which is a randomized controlled trial to evaluate a strategy for adults with acute heart failure presenting to the emergency department, was designed to address short-comings in the current model of care, including inappropriate admissions and discharges, costly readmissions, and limited patient follow-up for those not admitted to inpatient care, to name a few.  If the trial is shown to be successful, those involved in running it, as well as the full range of health-system policymakers and stakeholders who are involved in decision-making about improving care for heart-failure patients, will need to determine whether the strategy could be considered as a candidate for scaling up across the province.
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