Defining the Mental Health and Addictions ‘Basket of Core Services’ to be Publicly Funded in Ontario

In 2015, nearly two million Ontarians saw their family physicians for mental health or substance use concerns. Together these two broad categories of conditions account for approximately 10% of the disease burden in Ontario. Across the province, family members, caregivers and health and social service providers work hard to support those with mental health and substance use problems, and individuals experiencing such problems work hard to recover and regain full mental wellness. However, with many different providers, entry points and financial arrangements, Ontario continues to face challenges in planning for and providing mental health and addictions services that meet the needs of the population. 

The purpose of the citizen panel and stakeholder dialogue was to guide the work of the Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Leadership Council in defining a basket of core mental health and addictions services for Ontario. 

The stakeholder dialogue was held on 24 June, 2016. The citizen panel was held on 26 July, 2016.